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Slurp blog content – nice idea, doesn't work
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I tried to get the contents of my blog into a book using the respective software feature. All I get is the message:

“A connection to the blog could not be established. Double-check that there is an active connection to the internet. If so, your blog service provider may be down or experiencing high demand. Please try again later. BookSmart received the error message: ‘Blog is empty’”.

Yes, I checked, there is an active connection to the net (permanently). No, WordPress.com is not down. I can log in and manage my blog without any problems and without any delay. No, the blog is not empty.

I tried this several times at different times of the day, no success. Ideas anyone?

(Just in case this should play a role: I am a Mac and Safari user. )

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Sep 22, 2008 7:33am PDT