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Ebook has formatting errors

I have had to change the resolution of the book cover photograph for this specific reason, I have had to change the font also which has left me a little confused.

Surely the font should be supported after all it is a font used in the making of the book, but to be re-edit the book solely for the reason  that the font is not licensed (Font used was AR Christy. This font is not supported by iOS when converting to iBooks. 

We all know and love Apple products as we do using Blurb and its applications to edit/create the books. We eventually sell to prospective buyers, however are we not risking losing sales in  this apparent hiccup?

Surely with hindsight this can be changed to suit cross-scripting or rather cross-formatting. 

The other point of course is the resolution issue, when creating the book the photograph seems okay for large landscape/portfolio; but as we convert for iBooks which is iPad/iPhone display which is actually smaller in comparison than my laptop display. We get the message to decrease/increase/edit size of image after publishing hard back version. 

This alters the very appearance of the nature of the book as rudyfan above has pointed out. What help / giuidance can adhere to to ensure we get an acceptable format for converting to ebooks? 


Thanks in advance.


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May 3, 2013 3:30am PDT