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Size Check Discrepency and Fold Line Vs Fold Over Allowance
PDF to Book

I’ve downloaded template for standard landscape 8 × 10 standard paper, dust jacket for InDesign CS3 and have installed Blurb PDF X-3 v 1-1 export preset. The file name is "Cover_DJ_20-72pg_Std_Lndscp_StdPpr_v2.indd".

Thecompleted PDF that I exported using that setting the size (File > Properties) is 29.25 × 8.5.

However the Blurb PDF upload process advises me that I need to check and make sure mysize is 29.236 × 8.5. Huh? During upload I’ve chosen all the same paramaters as for the template cover i downloaded (pg size, std paper, dust jacket, standard landscape). My understanding is that the export preset guarentees the correct export size.

What gives, do you think? Should I be concerned? I am because my cover preview looks wonky. I’m trying to full bleed the cover but there is a small white bar showing on right hand side. On the template I’ve extended my photo to the Fold Line, but perhaps I should have extended it to the "fold over allowance" line? OR … is it because my template is a little smaller than the Blurb recommendation. Arggghhh. Have I downloaded the wrong template? Is the Blurb template mislabelled?

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Mar 24, 2010 8:48pm PDT