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A letter to Blurb's CEO and Board of Directors
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I agree the lay out and print is excellent and I have worked for national business magazines. However, the customer service is poor I have sent so many emails and screen shots to Ben and Jazzy and a year later the same problem and no credit.. I had pages with out numbers after the second book came out wrong with the same issue I was given a code to refund it however it expired so since I had the same issue still I assumed they would reissue the code and they refused. I ended up just deleting the page numbers and hopefully it will look good enough to sell as I have promised to put it in the Biltmore Hotel  Ty Warner gift shop. I must say this negative expierence with customer service has tarnished my over all expierence.  Step it up Blurb. Marlis Sonnen- Ocean Stones A Mermaids Tale.

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Oct 9, 2013 8:53pm PDT