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I have to agree Jingo, there is a serious lack of incentive due to no coupon codes.  Mypublisher is excellent at this.  While their original prices may be a bit high, when you get a buy one get one offer or 40-50% off, which they frequently do, it makes the books quite a bit cheaper than blurb.  Not to mention, their standard paper on their large book is still quite a bit better quality and thicker than blurb’s premium paper.  The main downside: they only have two book sizes and a limit of 100 pages.  I think if they boost their pages and book sizes, they would have a huge increase in business.  Blurb may be doing well, and maybe they don’t need to offer coupon codes.  They do offer a lot of options, and for books over 100 pages I will use them until something better comes along.

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May 20, 2010 6:34am PDT