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How I delt why uploading problems

Hi there

I had the terrible message that a lot of you have seen "Hmmm, we’re having a problem uploading your book".

I tried to find out a solution in the forums, but the issue but only addressed to my knowledge by people asking questions and trying to find solutions, so DIY man ! I read somewhere else that the firewall could be suspected, had a look to it, and saw that booksmart.exe was authorised.

But I remembered also that I uploaded the last release version of BooksSmart (1.99), and I saved it to a specific folder, wanting to avoid overwriting previous versions.

Had another look back to the firewall, and Bingo! the program link was not the same. I changed it and the image uploading could start again…

If I had a conclusion, I would say that check first your firewall or antivirus, and may be you’ll be done !

Hope this helps. J

ean-Louis from France

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Oct 24, 2008 3:21pm PDT
design on the spine
Book Design and Imaging

Hi Linas

if you consider that cover and back pages are fully covered by a picture, then in the top menu click backgrounds and chose color.

As Blurbbook does not offer any possibility to imaging the spine which stays blank, then the color you have chosen as a background for the whole cover will only be visible on the spine where there is no picture at all.

hope this helps.

Tonik, From France


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Oct 22, 2008 2:24pm PDT