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Blurb Word Plug In with Booksmart?

I am living the same situation than Maroc_aus right now and it is very frustrating ! I worked hours and hours to make my novel perfect.  I checked page by page the disposition of the text, the number pages, the chapters, everything ! I was so disappointed when i realised that i couldn’t put my illustration (that I paid a grafist 350$) on the full cover. There is always 1/3 of the page where I have to place my title even if my title and my name already figures on my illustration ! I tried also to transfer my book to booksmart. Then, yes, i could put my image on full cover but my 200 pages of text is a mess ! I just can’t put it a nice way because it is just not made for long texts. I went to bed at 2 in the moring crying like a little baby. Today, I called printers in my region but it won’t be ready for Xmas and i can’t sell my novel this way. I can’t beleive there is not the option to make a full cover with the word to book. it’s a non-sense. I don’t know what I will do but I am very disapointed by this service.

 At least Maroc_aus, I know how you feel…

 and sorryfor my english mistakes. I speak french but the discussions are in english. I tried !


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Dec 6, 2012 4:14pm PDT