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Book Design and Imaging

I am creating a 7”x7” book in InDesign which I will convert to a jpg and import into book smart. In the past I have created photo intensive books and they turned out great. This time I have a few pages that are text heavy. I have set my margins in InDesign to .5” but am concerned that once bound (hard bound) the spine will swallow the text.

When binding, does Blurb allow extra room on the inside (spine side) of the pages to allow for binding or does the edge of the page as seen in preview but right up against the spine? If “what I set is what I get” (in otherwords it’s 5” from back of spine to edge of margin) does anyone have experience with this and have recommendations as to what size margin is appropriate?

Thank you.

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Nov 14, 2008 1:12pm PDT