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Blurb BookSmart 1.9 is now available. UPDATE: Patch released Oct. 11
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Hi – I have a question for those of you who had books that would not open in 1.8 and were waiting for weeks/months for 1.9 to come out. Could you now open your book?

I was working on a book of over 200 pages. I was almost done – over 95% complete. I’m guessing I had over 150 VERY emotional hours of writing and laying out photos in this book (it was a memorial book about my 15 year old lab that passed away. All of a sudden one day it wouldn’t open. I immediately filed an error report and the short version is… after FIVE MONTHS of waiting with intermittent customer support culminating in answers like “sorry”. I STILL CAN NOT OPEN MY BOOK.

My entire experience has been absolutely unacceptable if you ask me…

Does ANYONE have any suggestions? Recreating this book from scratch would be impossible.

I think I’m going to snap.


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Oct 12, 2007 10:11pm PDT