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Is soft proofing necessary?
Book Design and Imaging

We have made two books with Blurb, one of them 160 pages and one of them about 100-120   pages.

Now, I have a lot of experience in the world of printing, and so i know that what you see on your monitor is almost never what you get on the printed page. Blurb’s colors tend to run a bit black- and cyan-heavy, compared to what I see on my monitor (i have a color corrected professional monitor that is about as accurate as can be).

So – if you’re planning on printing more than a couple of books,  it’s a great investment to make sure the color is as true as possible – and in both cases that we’ve worked with Blurb, we actually had one book printed for us to use as our "proof". even the hard cover – because we were planning on hard bound books and wanted to ensure the color was good there, too. 

After getting our "proof" copy back,  I went in and tweaked about half the photos in the book, allowing for the color shift that happens with the Blurb print model.

It also gives me a chance to read it once more, with a few weeks between when i last wrote and proofed it. I have experience as a proofreader but i know that after awhile you become blind to mistakes if you read it too often – and i always find a typo or two that need to be corrected.

I have learned that no printed document of this size is ever perfect, but the hard copy proof stage is the best spent $60 in this process – and once i’ve done that, i can order ten copies for friends and family and be assured that the color and copy are the best they can be.

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Jul 14, 2009 7:23pm PDT