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Why is it so difficult for my customers to place an order?
Ordering and Shipping

I published my first book about a week ago and sent out a notification to a few friends. They complained to me about having to register just to buy the book. They just wanted to buy the book only. I hope Blurb would be able to make this buying process simpler by not making it mandatory for all potential buyers to register. I have faith in you.

On a different note, my book got to me within 10 days of ordering, to Ottawa, Canada. The finish of the book just blew me away. I had used ‘si’ before but did not get the same exicitement I am getting right now. A minor complaint would be the dust jacket was not folded correctly, thus the cover image was not centered as previewed. 

 Two thumbs up for Blurb, and Thank You!! I will be sticking with you for a while.

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Sep 4, 2008 1:07pm PDT