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impossible to work with B. 2.0

I am very glad of the new possibilities of Booksmart 2.0,
were those who expected.!!
Unfortunately installed on a PC Intel Core2Duo E6570 2.66 GHz (4GbRam) with Windows Xp SP.2 the program is too slow (uses up the CPU to 60%) and it is impossible to work.
I was forced to reinstall BookSmart 1.9.9.

I opened the same book (already published) open with the version 1.9.9 and easily editable, with the new version 2.0 is impossible to do anything in the program because, obviously completely rewritten, uses the CPU heavily.!
I use JPG files produced by Raw files with Photoshop CS3, all files have an average size of 4 / 5 Mb.
Continue to print books with Blurb but never install the version 2.0
P.s. The personal layout can make with Photoshop.! 


I am very disappointed!!


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Jun 9, 2009 5:04am PDT