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Price of Large Landscape books
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You, sir, don’t seem to understand economics. As much as you baulk at that price it is actually very reasonable. Yes. For a company to produce a high quality, large book (printing, binding, all the infrastructure required etc), and still make a profit – and Blurb does have every right to make a profit as it is a business, not a charity – then $50 is far from ‘ridiculous’.

You are, I suspect, doing what many people do. That is comparing things that are totally different as if they were the same. Even in the days of digital printing there is a massive economy of scale; making thousands of copies of a book enables the unit price to come down hugely. Also do not, ever, compare the prices of books you will see at real life bookstores or even the prices on Amazon or eBay from different sellers. Many of the books you will see will have been purchased by them as ‘overstock’ (unsold stock, bankrupt stock, over-ordered stock, returns, slight misprints etc) for a fraction of their original production cost – thus the resellers can sell them at what actually are ‘ridiculous’ prices, in terms of being very low, and still make a profit.

Please, for the sake of sanity, can people please start thinking about things before spouting off rubbish about prices.

ps. You are very, very, very unlikely to make a profit on Blurb, or any print-on-demand service for that matter, because most of the public hold your own attitude to prices. If people stopped and considered what they were paying for instead of doing silly comparisons in their head then they wouldn’t have a problem with paying $50 and people like you could make a fair profit. It would be called ‘fairness and sustainability’ – something that is sadly lacking in today’s ‘give me everything for nothing’ culture.

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Jan 4, 2013 5:41am PDT