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Paper weight: LBS to gr/m2 translation
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Dear Blurb,

First of all, I printed my two books in Premium 100 LBS text silk – finish paper and I am very pleased with the quality of printing and the paper weight.
However, I have two questions:

1) In US, the weight of paper is calculated in LBS,  in Europe in gr/m2 . Could Blurb provide me the equivalent of 80 and 100 LBS in gr/m2 (and display them on the web site). My customers are asking for that.

2) Why is 100 LBS 35% heavier than 80 LBS paper (for me 25%), or is the paper quality from matte into silk adding the 10%?

Thanks a lot for the responce
Jan from France

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Aug 10, 2009 7:04am PDT