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Not a TRUE text justification!!!!
Book Design and Imaging

I’m a newcomer, but have a small arsenal of books waiting to be published. My first two were primarily picture books, but now I have two text-heavy books I’d love to have printed, but without real justification, I’m probably going to hold off. This causes me significant consternation, because I was so pleased with Blurb’s quality with my photo books hat I wanted to get some more books printed for family, for the holidays.

I’m not a huge fan of text justification, but most novels and text-heavy books use it, and I’d like to do the same, or at least have the option. I find it odd that Booksmart doesn’t allow for that, for so many of its users, when this style is so prevalent in the publication industry. I’m a graphic artist and am fully capable of creating a book in another program, like Quark—a program that will work will with text—but I’m not convinced the final printed results will be nice and crisp and clean, if I export each page to eps, and then convert each page to JPG or whatever, to import into BookSmart. And it seems like a load of needless steps, besides. Blurb, please, please, please add a proper text justification feature.


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Nov 12, 2008 9:38am PDT