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doing my own down sizing?

So i thought I woudl take care of the down sizing process, i noted the pixel dimensions of the blur book I was using.. 2888 px on the long dimension for the book i had selected etc  so I use d this as the template for my images. I prepared it at 300dpi

I added an image into booksmart , into a empty page ( no formats selected so it could go edge to edge) and is was too big for the page  adn i mean substantially …I and to use the slider to make it fit.. how can this be, when the page is 2888 width and my page is 2888px, this can’t optimal for my images can it, if it is down sizing even more it defeats the object of doing this myself.

 can anyone fill me in in what booksmart is doing?



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Aug 9, 2009 8:58am PDT