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Color Management and Use of InDesign
Book Design and Imaging

We are producing a 40 page (8”h x 10” w) soft cover book as an art exhibition catalog. Using InDesign, we are creating our own layout and have been following advice found on your forum, particularly those written by Sam Edge (color management) and Bryan Burkhart (steps to go from InDesign to a jpeg for importing into Book Smart). When using Edge’s advice on Photoshop color settings, he suggests “checking” “Simulate Paper Color,” which visually on our monitor tones down (goes from brighter to grayer) the image. What effect will this have on printing? Second, a page of text done following both of their suggestions visually on our monitor does not look like sharp black text. Is that our monitor or will the text be a sharp black in printing? Also, is there any difference between using a jegp or png format for importing into Booksmart? Can you assist? Thanks.

Nelson for kweaverarts

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Jan 4, 2009 10:25am PDT