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I made 9 books on a PC and had NO problems at all with the Blurb/ Booksmart software! I LOVED it. 12 months ago I changed to a Mac. The first book I made in September 10, was fine- everything ran smoothly. Then came an upgrade. I struggled to produce a new book between October and February as I was having problems uploading photos- Blurbs technical staff helped, but the problem waas never solved completely- eventually I was able to publish the book. Now I have an urgent book to put together and whilst I managed to upload two lots of photos successfully, I have now been in a position for two days where I am unable to upload photos from iphoto. ( I have tried at least 12 times shutting Blurb down after each failed attempt) Not only that the software isn’t tagging the photos I have used so far. This is exactly what happened on the last book. I am seriously fed up-I was so happy with my books and have become quite adept at using the software, now I have a hobby that is causing me severe frustration. I cannot afford to go and buy a PC. There is obviously a problem with the software and it needs to be fixed.

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Aug 26, 2011 11:25am PDT