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Upload problems!

Does anyone know exactly how to place a vector image into InDesign from CS3 Illustrator and still get transparency? I am a pro-designer of many years and have always used tif for photoshop files and eps for vector to place properly into my layout programs including InDesign. I got my first book uploaded using Blurb’s new InDesign templates and got messages back that my resolution was too low. I scanned in at 300 dpi as I always have done for years and using eps for my vectors to place text or vectors created in ai over my placed photoshop tifs. I am now having to spend hours reading the faq’s which keep referring to BookSmart as the delivery system. Why do they keep referring to using that program only when designing these books? I need more specifics for these types of questions. The download they give you with the template only answers part of the questions. If they are going to deviate to offer professional designers use of their service, then they do need to be more specific in file prep.

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Dec 9, 2009 1:49pm PDT