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border around photos
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I am having exactly this issue with custom layouts and an image container that covers the entire background and have an incident filed. I’m not sure if it’s both of these combined or one of them, but some of my custom layouts will come up with some of the image containers able to have a border set and some of them not able. None of the containers that have the problem are close to the page border or the border of another image container.

If this is your setup, I hope you have the same luck as I did with this workaround that has worked for me in all cases so far. Simply click to edit the layout, then immediately just apply the layout without making any changes or re-saving it if it’s already a custom layout. For me this results in the image containers all being able to have a border applied. I can’t explain it, but perhaps the result of re-applying the custom layout makes BookSmart figure out if borders are really allowed on the image containers.

Best of luck!

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Dec 30, 2009 6:44pm PDT