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Not so sure about Full Book Preview
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Regarding the full book preview BETA, I have concerns about those of us who are really serious about selling our books, that previewers will use the site as a library instead of purchasing. If my books, which take time to produce, use my copyrighted fine art photography, are very expensive (due to large format and premium paper) and is intended as a source of modest income becomes fully available online, then what is going to entice the previewer to invest in it? I was not aware that the full preview would be available for those books entered into the competition and I have announced my book to several hundred on my contact lists, as well as many galleries, museums and other interested parties in the art business. I have garnered numerous hits the first two days. It is expensive to purchase, but why should someone buy when they can return at any time to browse? At a bookstore, one can sit and page through the book for while, but must purchase it  to take it home for casual reading anytime.

I am curious to hear from others who are serious about their work  and really do try to sell books for profit and recognition.

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Jul 22, 2009 2:11pm PDT