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Hi Everyone

 I can’t seem to find the answer anywhere, or get the right answer from Tech Support.  It seems like they read half of my questions or issues and never really give me the answer I need.

 I designed a book and cover (softcover) in In-Design CS3, and then designed the same cover using the image wraptemplate, as I am interested in offering the book in both versions.  When I started my first upload process, I assumed that I would be asked for both cover versions.  I was not.  so I thought maybe they want me to upload the book twice and somehow append them into one book, with two cover versions.  I was wrong.   I ended up having TWO of the same book, each with a different cover version.


I have written tech support but cannot get an answer to tell me what I can do to change that.  I was told I can offer the Imagewrap version as both Imagewrap AND softcover, but I am at a loss to find the place that allows me to make that choice under my book settings.  I have been designing web sites for 15 years, and I am not dumb.   Have I overlooked something in the rules, the FAQ’s, the Forums?

I Have decided to make one of the books private for now while waiting to get the answer.  The book is São Paulo Winter Light/s/

thanks for any help.  

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Oct 22, 2009 7:50am PDT