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Booksmart 1.9.9 PHENOMENALLY unstable

I’d have to agree…very unstable.  And my problem happens the split second I try to do anything with a text box.  Actually, I’m still on the cover, all I want to do is REMOVE the text box, and I get a crash on EITHER of my machines.  This is doubly frustrating because many serious designers would like to be doing this from InDesign, and just downloading a template, laying out the book and exporting as a PDF they can upload.  WOW, would that be easy.  But the only (ridiculous) way to use InDesign or another layout software is to do a two or three-step conversion to JPGs for individual pages…..just silly.  Especially since in my case I can’t get the BookSmart title off of my cover without crashing the program.  I really wanted to try Blurb, but it looks like I won’t be back for a while, I’ll go invest my time in Lulu formatted projects again.

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Feb 5, 2009 10:54am PDT