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Blurb boooks vs Apple books

I’ve used Apple, MyPublisher and ShutterFly pretty extensively. I use these books to promote my fine art photography and for the galleries that sell my work to use as giveaways and show catalogs.

So far my personal impression of the blurb books is that the paper weight and level of gloss vs matte on the blurb books is more appealing than any of the others.

Apple and MyPublisher are not identical – MyPublisher customer service is horrific (it’s always the customer’s fault), and every book I printed with them had serious problems. Most of these services use the same hardware, so it often comes down to customer service. While I have had issues with some blurb books, the customer service so far has been excellent in resolving the issues.

One warning, BookSmart has serious font issues with Mac fonts that do not show up in preview mode. If you can do your design and layout in something like InDesign or Photoshop and simply place the jpeg files, this seems to be more reliable.

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Aug 10, 2007 3:46pm PDT