Warehousing & Fulfillment

Let Blurb do the heavy lifting, including logistics of storage, processing orders, and delivery.

Garages are for cars, not books

Garages are for cars, not books

Large book orders don't have to mean a garage full of books and endless shipping headaches. You can lower your printing costs, manage inventory, and even speed up shipping times by printing in bulk and letting Blurb handle the warehousing and fulfillment. No garage required.

We call this service our Agile Fulfillment Program (AFP), and it's ideal for crowd-funded book projects, authors with speaking engagements, or anyone who wants to print large quantities of books (100 or more) in advance. Printing in bulk lowers your costs—savings you can pass on to your readers through a lower list price. Key elements of AFP include:

  • For orders of 100 or more copies, Blurb will print your books and then store them for a nominal fee per copy
  • Once your bulk order has been shipped to the warehouse, customer orders can be fulfilled and shipped within 1-3 days
  • Books in the AFP are eligible for sale directly through Blurb or through the Blurb to Amazon program
  • Books in AFP are not eligible for Ingram distribution
  • Books in inventory are insured. If any books are damaged or destroyed while in storage, we will replace them without charge

Want to learn more? Email our Sales team at warehousing@blurb.com.

For 100+ books, contact our Large Order Services team for full project support.